Monday, April 25, 2011

Well, THAT was a Long Drive!

Happy Easter!  I hope you enjoyed a beautiful Easter Sunday!  Our weather was beautiful and perfect for running, which we did bright and early at 7am - 14 miles strong. 

On Saturday we drove the marathon route.  I have been fortunate to run a few parts of it during my weekday runs but Christian hasn't really seen any of the course.  Christian was my navigator as we scoped out mileage and terrain. We discovered a few pretty tough hills; one at about 9 miles and another at about 21 miles.  We got a little lost in one of the neighborhoods we run through because the street signs weren't visible.  Fortunately, I noticed the roads are getting their mileage markings and arrows, so hopefully we won't have the same mix up on the big day.  We found a few key spots where I am hoping our cheerleaders will hang out to cheer us on.  We returned to the finish line what seemed like an hour later.  We all decided that was a long drive.

So if that was a long drive, do you think it will be a long run too?  Let's try not to focus on that right now.  Here are the directions and a map if you want to check out the official route:  Kalamazoo Marathon Course

During our run on Sunday, I told Christian we shouldn't focus on the mileage so much for the marathon, but more on having fun.  I told him we will see the city in a whole new way, so let's just have a good time and do our best.  I don't think I got a response.

We did agree that we are both getting excited.  Christian followed up with:  "So, I can finally sleep in on Sunday."  I agree that will be nice too.  It is getting exciting and I am sure we will be flooded with all kinds of emotions when we cross the finish line.

With only 12 days to go, the end will be a definite change.  We will have to expand our topics of conversation since the marathon encompasses so much of it now.  I guess we can rely on at least another 1-3 months of marathon discussion, replaying the race, the hills and each turn.  We will also have so much free time on our hands, what will we do?  I hope we don't fall into a post-marathon depression.  Nah!  We'll just pick up another race to do! 

Keep on Running!  May 8th - here we come!

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