Monday, May 16, 2011

Wow! We really ran a Marathon!

Here we are a week after the marathon, and it is really just dawning on me that what we just accomplished.  We actually ran 26.2 miles - and less than 1% of the population accomplishes this task.  Isn't that awesome!  I am continually so proud of Christian, because I still feel that he could have tapped out at anytime, due to his dehydration, but he didn't.  That took a lot of perseverance.  This photo is at mile 16, just before Christian began to get a lot of leg cramping.

We are finally beginning to feel like normal people again. Our bodies don't ache and I actually ran a short distance today.  It is amazing how much of a toll that far of a distance takes on your body.  None of our long runs compare to the pain we felt for days after the marathon.  The amazing thing is that now that the pain has subsided, we are definietly considering another marathon.  I haven't been able to get Christian to commit to when, but we will definetly do another.

This is a picture of the fab four!  We all finished the marathon!

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